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Maureen D. Jenks, RN, MBA, CPC

Years ago, I completed the work necessary to become a Certified Professional Coach. More importantly, I have gained credibility from my professional experience as a registered nurse, an executive leader, and an educator. I have also been Coached! My personal journey has equipped me with the tools and empathy I need to guide others through their life challenges.

I am a continuous learner and anything I do not know, I utilize whatever resources necessary to find the answers..

Although I provide services across the globe, I leave each of my clients feeling as if they are my ONLY client. While I do serve all ages, I specialize in the young adult population (ages 18-29).

Whatever kind of coaching I am doing, I use active listening skills and maintain a focus on honesty, goal setting and outcomes.

I love what I do and that allows me to leave each person I work with feeling motivated, positive and refreshed.